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Alpha Strakhovanie Group is one of the largest Russian insurance companies with a universal portfolio of services both for business and private clients. Under its license Alfa Strakhovanie offers more than 100 insurance services.

Alfa Strakhovanie Group is widely represented in the Russian regions. The regional network of AlfaStrakhovanie Group includes about 400 departments all over Russia. More than 22 mln of private customer’s and more than 435,000 companies have chosen to use the Group’s services.

Alpha Strakhovanie is one of the five leaders of the open insurance market and of compulsory medical insurance. At the end of 2014 Alpha Strakhovanie Group strengthened its market position. Premiums amounted to 149.3 bln RUR: the market share reached 6.3% and the premiums, excluding compulsory medical insurance, rose up to 58.4 bln RUR, the market share reached 5.9%.

Alpha Strakhovanie Group has the reputation of a reliable and stable company. Today, with its obligations the Group is liable for several companies and has a consolidated share capital of more than 8.5 bln RUR.

In March 2015 the international agency Fitch Ratings has has confirmed the insurance financial strength rating (FSR) assigning the Group AA- level of reliability on the national scale and BB level on the international scale, plus “stable” outlooks. In April 2015 a leading Russian rating agency Expert RA confirmed the the highest rating of A ++ ("extremely high level of reliability" rating outlook "stable") previously assigned in 2003.

In 2015 RAEX (Expert RA) awarded Alpha Strakhovanie Compulsory Medical Insurance with the highest rating of reliability and service quality A ++. Agency experts evaluated the quality and stability of the company's exceptionally high level. In May 2015, Alpha Strakhovanie has passed international certification and obtained the certificate of international quality management system ISO 9001-2011.
High reliability of insurance operations has been reinfoced by reinsurance programs in the world's largest companies: Munich Reinsurance Company (Munich Re), Swiss Reinsurance Company (Swiss Re), Hanover Reinsurance Company (Hannover Re), SCOR (SCOR), Cologne Reinsurance Company (GenRe), partner Re (Partner Re), as well as the corporation Lloyd's of London.