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Delivery from China

Single Service offers integrated services for the purchase of goods from Chinese manufacturers, as well as arranging delivery and customs clearance of goods coming from China. Our extensive experience, the professionalism of our team and strong partnerships with manufacturing companies in China allow us to guarantee high quality services.

With Single Service ordering and delivering of goods from China it's fast and simple.

What will we do for you?

  • We give advice on business operations with Chinese partners.
  • We carefully analyze the market and choose the products that meet your quality and value requirements.
  • We find a reliable supplier.
  • We organize the delivery from China to Russia from supplier’s factory to your warehouse.
  • We prepare all the necessary documentation for customs clearance, so that your goods will quickly and easily pass across the border.
  • We issue certificates for imported products.
  • We provide you with the complete package of accounting documents, as required by Russian law.

If you require, we can carry out all financial operations with your suppliers, and pay all customs duties on import. You will not have to deal with many counterparts but only with us. We fully take care of the entire process of buying and delivering your goods from China.

We offer you quality goods from Chinese manufacturers.

Import of consumer goods from China to Russia is gradually increasing. This can be explained by the fact that, through a careful selection of the suppliers we can provide our customers with quality products at an affordable price, thus creating excellent opportunities for business development. Many Russian businessmen have already benefited from the advantages of importing consumer goods from China.

Together with our specialists, the customer drafts a description of the desired product including quality level and price range. On the basis of these parameters we carry out a research and sel ect the suitable products. It is also necessary to perform a detailed analysis of the market, to study statistics in the given production district, to collect information on manufacturing companies producers of high quality goods.

When developing the delivery scheme, we always work out several options and for each case sel ect the optimal delivery method. As a rule, the most profitable delivery from China is container shipment.

We take full responsibility for the safety of the goods during shipment from China and we regularly update customers on the actual location of their cargo.
Car accessories from China Car spare parts from China
Accessories from China Doors from China
Toys from China Cosmetics from China
Furniture from China Clothes from China
Dishware from China Food from China
Rubber from China Building material from China
Bags from China Fabric from China
Technology from China Fruits from China
Chemicals from China Tea from China
Watches from China Electronics fr om China
Equipment fr om China

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