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Air cargo

For certain types of goods, speed of delivery from producer to destination is very important. This applies to all perishable goods, fresh flowers as well as to clothes and shoes. New season’s collection must get on time from the factory to the shops.

Another group of goods that need to be delivered strictly on time is display items for exhibitions. Nowadays Moscow is one of the most important locations for international exhibitions. It regularly hosts exhibitions and conferences in many fields of industry and commerce. And timely delivery of exhibition items is the key to a successful presentation of the company to the business community.

Single Service arranges air cargo to Russia from the EU and China.

We deliver international airfreight starting form 5 days.

Anyhow, some factors can affect the delivery time of international freights, i.e. the goods need to be prepared for transfer from producer to the airport , customs clearance procedures on export, additional screening measures, as well as packaging requirements , space availability on board the aircraft and airline workload.

The main asset of Single Service is the efficient flight organization made possible by well-established partnerships with professional cargo airlines.

Thanks to this cooperation, we can always offer our customers cargo space on the most common destinations.

We also provide the following services:

  • complete organization of airfreight delivery
  • complete customs clearance, including clearance on export
  • preparation of all necessary documentation

This means that you can rely on us for the complete organization of a fast delivery of your cargo and for accurate documentation preparation. It is our duty to ensure strict compliance with deadlines and high safety during shipment.

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