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Transportation of dangerous goods

A large part of all transported goods falls under the category of dangerous goods, i.e. explosive material, compressed, liquefied or dissolved gases, flammable liquids and solids, spontaneously combustible substances, as well as toxic and radioactive substances and others.

Transport of dangerous goods requires special care and compliance with a number of specific rules. It cannot be performed by conventional transport. Due to the physical and chemical properties of materials, special conditions during transportation are needed for the substances not to ignite nor leak poisonous gases or liquids. Therefore, transportation of such goods is allowed only on special transport means equipped with special tools and special markings.

In addition, drivers transporting dangerous goods must be trained and authorized for such a job. Another distinguishing feature of the delivery of dangerous goods is mandatory labelling of packaging with special characters and instructions for the driver and accompanying staff in the event of a road accident.

Customs clearance and storage of dangerous goods may be carried out only in warehouses (including temporary storage warehouses) with special storage conditions and special equipment: fire alarm systems, detectors of dangerous substances concentration in the air, short-circuit protection systems and others.
Such warehouses must be certified.
We offer customers complete custom clearance on import of dangerous goods.
For convenience, we can divide the entire procedure into the following stages:

  • establishing the task, defining type and class of hazard, working out the delivery route
  • preparation for transportation, packaging and workforce
  • direct moving of the goods
  • customs clearance

Our partner for transportation of dangerous goods is INTERLINE

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