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If you would like to minimize all risks involved in the delivery of your goods, you need to underwrite a policy of cargo insurance. Moreover, in many operations of International trade, cargo insurance is compulsory. Our company offers convenient cargo insurance policies. Single Service cooperates with several reliable companies offering insurance policies for goods moved on different modes of transport.

Our partners:

  • Insurance company Arsenal
  • AlphaStrakhovanie

Covered risks:

  • Damaged goods
  • Consignment damage or loss
  • Third party damage or death
  • Damage or sale of container (trailer)
  • Loss due to mistakes by insurance company
  • Customs risks: insurance company gives bank warranty for customs transit of the goods inside Russian Federation.

Two types of cargo insurance are regularly used internationally. The first type is based on the principle of exclusion, i.e. goods are insured against all risks with the exception of those especially mentioned (usually wars, catastrophes, temperature effects, improper packaging, damages by rodents etc.). the second type is based on the principle of inclusion, i.e. including in the documentation a list of the risks the goods are insured against (natural disasters, sale of transport means without notice, accident during transportation, etc.). Taking into account your requirements, the characteristics of the transported goods and transportation rules, we can chose for you the best cargo insurance option,

Single Service gives you the best insurance conditions at acceptable insurance premiums, ensuring safety of the transported goods.

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