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Customs clearance

A complete package of duly filled in accompanying documentation is at the basis of any customs declaration. Being a customs broker, Single Service reviews the existing documentation and, if it is the case, adds any needed piece of document.

The definition of HS codes is one of the most important moments in the preparation of documentation for import or export because from it depends the size of the customs duty. We carefully analyze your supporting documentation and the product itself, we choose the appropriate codes of the commodity nomenclature. Thanks to the correct calculation of compulsory payments, we optimize the cost of customs clearance of your goods.

Moreover, we defend the customs value of your goods before the authorities and, if necessary, we represent the interests of the client in court for the correction of customs value. Our specialists have extensive experience of paperwork for customs, for many different types of goods. On behalf of the client, we carry out the whole process, relying on professionalism and problem solving ability.

With us, you can be sure that your goods will pass across the border quickly and easily, and all documents will be prepared in accordance with legal regulations.

Our partners for customs clearance:

  • ROSTEK Novosibirsk
  • ROSTEK-Lobnya
  • NP Promoting foreign trade development
  • IFC-Broker

The procedure of customs clearance can be carried out at any of the 20 customs terminals, united under the Non-Commercial Partnership "Promoting foreign trade development".

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