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Customs services on export

Single Service provides customs services for goods exported from Russia.

If you plan to export goods from the territory of the Russian Federation and you need a competent mediator we are willing to take care of all the customs procedure.

Customs clearance on export implies compliance with many formalities, after which the exporter is allowed to ship abroad Russian goods. The procedure is strictly regulated by the Customs Code of the Customs Union and by the Federal laws of the Russian Federation. The exporter must strictly comply with existing regulations, otherwise customs will not release the goods out of the country. This requires a thorough knowledge of legislation in force and practical experience, in fact, most of the times, self declaration of the goods on export takes quite a long time. To avoid this, it makes sense to turn to specialists.

You can contact us for export procedures of goods produced in Russia or previously imported in Russia. The main difference between these two operations is that they are placed under two different customs regimes: export and re-export. However, when you turn to us, you don’t need to get involved in the complex bureaucracy of export procedures, because we take care of the full execution of your contract.

In order to support Russian producers and to increase export, many products made in Russia, are exempt from mandatory duties. Moreover, when export operations of national products are performed correctly, the exporter has right to reimbursement of previously paid domestic taxes.

Single Service provides integrated customs services on export:

  • calculation and payment of customs duties
  • compliance with restrictions and bans on the export of Russian products
  • exemption of VAT on exported products, address to tax inspection authorities for obtaining return of previously paid VAT
  • presentation of the exported goods to the customs authorities
  • money exchange controls, registration of foreign trade contract
  • preparation of all export documentation
  • we organize export logistics of the goods and international transportation to final destination, when required.

Among our partners there are customs representatives located in several Russian regions. Thanks to their cooperation, we can perform export operations of your goods in the shortest possible time and in compliance with all regulations.

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